Debbie Does Em All [DVDRip 544p 1.18 Gb]

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Debbie Does Em All [DVDRip 544p 1.18 Gb]

Debbie (Angel) finally gets the job she wanted as a flight attendant. On her first flight, she meets her old friend Pam (Shanna McCullough) who brings her to an orgy during their layover and together this pair make the skies friendlier than theyve ever been!

Pornstars: Angel, Shanna McCullough, Lynx Canon as Lynx Cannon, Lonnie Emerson as Lana Emerson, Cory Marjon as Cori Marjon, Lili Marlene as Lilli Marlene, Jamie Gillis, Rod Grant, Nick Niter, Dan T. Mann as Danny Mann, Jonathon Younger as Jonathon Green, Elmo Lavino, Peter Long, Rich Ryder as Rick Ryder, Don Fernando
Title: Debbie Does Em All
Payment site: Caballero Home Video
Categories: DVDRip, Movie

Duration: 01:17:06

Quality: DVDRip 544p
Video: AVC, 720x544, (45:34), 29.97 Fps
Size: 1.18 Gb

Download: Debbie Does Em All [DVDRip 544p 1.18 Gb]

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