Object Of Desire [DVDRip 480p 1.36 Gb]

Collector's Video, VCX
Object Of Desire [DVDRip 480p 1.36 Gb]

Innocent young woman starts working in a luxury bordello, and in no time she becomes the customers' favorite girl.

Pornstars: Derek Amanza
Juliet Anderson
Bella Blanche
Wanda Bruce
June Buthelezi
Brigette Darke
Marilyn du Pre
Robin Everett
Mike Horner
Ron Jeremy
Ji Bourg Jime
Lorna Lake
Debi Lewis
Mai Lin
Lila Love
Rex Rodgers
Herschel Savage
Sonia Sorrell
Abe Theinbe
Title: Object Of Desire
Payment site: Collector's Video / VCX
Categories: DVDRip, Movie

Duration: 01:19:32

Quality: DVDRip 480p
Video: AVC, 700x480, (35:24), 29.97 Fps
Size: 1.36 Gb

Download: Object Of Desire [DVDRip 480p 1.36 Gb]


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