Society Affairs [DVDRip 480p 1.22 Gb]

Society Affairs [DVDRip 480p 1.22 Gb]

Rick the con artist can seduce a pedestrian by simply pretending to be French, later robbing her house. His former accomplice Alexis Cavanaugh moved on to limousine riding Arthur. But when Arthur introduces her to Howard Austin II, she realizes he looks like Rick. She offers Rick to trade places in Howards marriage, thus getting the gifts. Rick sneaks in the Austins mansion to find the brides married sister, Coreena Bushnell, with Tara the younger head maid. Alexis spikes Howards drink and Rick hides him. Maid Tara offers herself SM style to Rick in the attic. After the bridesmaids enjoy each other, Ricks sister Dorina Austin threatens to tell his bride they had sex unless they actually do it. Rick and Arthur have a bachelor party with musical strippers. Rick hopes the gifts are in the gym, but its occupied by Arthur and Coreena Bushnell. They stop prematurely, and Rick steps in to learn she cant get orgasms. Atrributing it to drunkenness, Rick sprays Coreena with water and

Pornstars: Harry Reems, Veronica Hart, Kelly Nichols, Anna Ventura, Tiffany Clark, Robert Kerman, Tara Aire, Jack Newton, Laurie Smith, Honey Wilder, John Alderman, John F. Kearney, Lisa Cintrice, Lily Rodgers, Mike Horner
Title: Society Affairs
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Categories: DVDRip, Movie

Duration: 01:29:55

Quality: DVDRip 480p
Video: VC-1, 640x480, (4:3), 0 Fps
Size: 1.22 Gb

Download: Society Affairs [DVDRip 480p 1.22 Gb]

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