Pony Girls [DVDRip 474p 1.43 Gb]

Pony Girls [DVDRip 474p 1.43 Gb]

Candida Royale is the only well-known performer in this blue movie oddity. Even though this film has a disjointed travelogue feel - the sex filmed showcases all the earmarks of authentic classic erotica - especially featuring this early footage of the nubile Ms. Royale at the ranch.

Pornstars: Scene 1. Beth Ruberman
Scene 2. Candida Royalle, Steve Brown
Scene 3. Beth Ruberman, Yvonne Green
Scene 4. Christine Kelly, Chad Tipton
Scene 5. Shirley White, Mike Thornton
Scene 6. Shirley White, Chad Tipton
Scene 7. Sandy Pinney, Joey Silvera
Scene 8. Sandy Pinney, Chad Tipton
Scene 9. Candida Royalle, David Pinney
Scene 10. Carole Tong, Tom Cannon
Scene 11. Carole Tong, Chad Tipton
Title: Pony Girls
Payment site: VCX
Categories: DVDRip, Movie

Duration: 01:12:48

Quality: DVDRip 474p
Video: AVC, 700x474, (350:237), 29.97 Fps
Size: 1.43 Gb

Download: Pony Girls [DVDRip 474p 1.43 Gb]


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