Katarina Dubrova Lets Play Doctor SD 480p Katarina Dubrova Lets Play Doctor SD 480p

The beautiful Katarina Dubrova is approaching her special delivery date. She heads to the doctor because she wants a check-up. He tells Kat to have a seat on his exam table so he can examine her, beginning with her ever-growing big boobs. He checks her pulse and her heartbeat then has Kat go behind a curtain to strip to her pink bra and panties. Katarina returns to the table and takes one breast out of her bra. She's beginning to leak a little colostrum, the milk her baby will suck when he or she begins nursing. The doctor tells her this leakage is normal during the last few months. Katarina stretches out on his table. He feels her belly and examines her sensitive pussy. Already very horny all of the time, Katarina reaches for his junk, sticking her hand down his pants. He drops his trousers, which is clearly a violation of the Hippocratic Oath and official medical regulations, but it's okay. He's not a real doctor anyway. Kat pulls his boxers down and fondles his cock, pulling and rubbing it then getting on all fours on the table to suck it good. She's too horny not to. Her tits dangle. While she blows him, she tugs on one nipple with her free hand. Kat gets off of the table and lowers herself so that her breasts are in line with his babymaker. He sticks it between her big tits, and she massages it with those soft, smooth jugs. She takes a break to suck on it some more and puts it back inside her cleavage. He begins pumping her tits harder and faster. Kat's tits are so hypersensitive due to her pregnancy that she wants more jug-fucking. It feels good. The doc lies back on the table and Kat kneels, squishes and massages his hard-on. They have to fuck now. Kat climbs on top of him and sticks his cock in her pussy. She rides him, bouncing her boobs in his face. They reverse positions, Kat on her back. The doctor screws her in missionary and sprays his nut-juice into her pussy while she spreads her lips and rubs her clitoris fast. She gets off on that, too, since she can't get pregnant twice. "I feel better now," Kat tells him. Health care is free in the Czech Republic so Kat doesn't have to pay him before she leaves. No doubt he'll want to make a house call shortly for a follow-up beef injection.